New Years Resolution: Knit MORE!

That’s right, my new years resolution is to knit more sweaters for dogs! Knitting + Dogs is an easy equation to happiness. Who’s with me? Let’s keep these cuties warm! xox



Dapper Dogs

Knitted up a couple of custom sweaters for charity auctions, bringing in $110 to help with medical bills for Westies.

Here’s Brady looking dashing in his hand-knit.



Lily my fit model was too snoozy to try on this work in progress
Awake and ready for her close up. This hand-knit went to another Westie named Winnie, but Lily was happy to try it on!
“Are you sure I can’t keep it?” Looks like I’m on task to knit Lily another sweater 😀

Shhh! Don’t tell the dogs…

…but we also help cats!

A local cat shelter called H.A.R.T. put out an APB on Facebook, asking for fleece blankets recently. Since I work for an apparel company that happens to have scrap bins of fabric free for the taking, I put a poster outside a couple of the bins:


I couldn’t believe the response I got! This is just a little bit of the fabric passed on:


Seriously, my car was FULL! People were so excited to contribute, it made a normal work week so much more exciting! I already knew I worked with GREAT people, but the community that came together for the kitties was amazing!

Yay kitties!

Also Yay pups! (finishing another sweater, new shipment of two sweaters going out to Southern Comforts Animal Rescue TX this week!)

Crochet Patterns

EclecticNana on Ravelry was kind enough to suggest some Crochet Patterns. Thank you, EclecticNana!

Click to access ss41_dots_dog_coat.pdf

Click to access 95.pdf

Click to access WR1035.pdf